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“I have engaged Precision Recruiting Services (PRS) on several occasions to find top talent and they always came through. The PRS team are true business advisors, with deep knowledge of the recruitment profession and the ability to understand each client`s strategies and convey that message accurately and enthusiastically to potential Recruitment Professionals. We have always been able to trust them completely with confidential information.” - Ms. Pitchford, Regional Vice President

“Stuart is a high-energy, dynamic professional who exemplifies the platinum standard of the recruiting industry. Using his connections, intelligence and gusto, he meets the personal needs of the individual and delivers the business requirements to the corporate client. He is the very example of what a true recruiter attains to achieve.” – Mrs. Viney, Branch Manager

“Stuart is an energetic leader who gets results. He has a unique blend of creativity and competence that make him an asset to both clients and colleagues. He leverages this creativity to bring fresh thinking to classic business problems, and is an effective mentor and teacher.” - Mr. Gould, National Relationship Development Manager

“I met Stuart when he was recruiting for his client, The Mergis Group. During the staffing process he was extremely professional with me. He answered all my questions honestly, which allowed me to make the right choices in choosing the right job and company for me. Stuart is a dedicated hard working individual who is interested in your career progression, who is not out to make a quick "sale". I would highly recommend Stuart to anyone and I will definitely seek him out again.” - Mr. Miller, Director Major Accounts

"Stuart is a knowledgeable and driven professional. He has the unique ability to maximize value for everyone involved in the recruitment process. He is a great leader who manages and develops talent around him.” - Mr.
Butler, Branch Manager

“Stuart is a dedicated and trust worthy recruiting professional. His knowledge of best practices and insight into our industry has been invaluable to me. He is a reliable source of industry intelligence and a great person to connect with for insight into any recruiting challenge. No matter where you are at in your recruiting career; I recommend being a part of Stu's social networks on FaceBook and LinkedIn and taking the time to connect with him personally.” - Ms. Jeffery, Recruiting Manager

“I engaged Precision Recruiting Services (PRS) recently to source two individuals to add to our growing dynamic team. My experience was seamless and filled with results. Having been in the industry for 16 years, I have learned what works and what doesn’t. My personal meeting I was quite clear as to our story and that of what I was looking for. They took the story, identified a long list of quality candidates, as a result I had a very short list of qualified candidates. My dealings with PRS were of the utmost, no nonsense, gave me what I was looking for and quite frankly, they get it! Precision Recruiting is one of the most professional and supportive organizations I have had the opportunity to meet and work with. My experience will continue as we work together in the coming years!” - Executive Search Firm Client in Toronto

“Stuart has done excellent work recruiting for me. Unlike many recruiters Stuart spends the time to understand exactly what I'm looking for. He constantly adjusts as we both work through the interviews of candidates and with each candidate a better match. Stuart has always displayed a high degree of integrity. In a world of shady recruiting practices I have never felt uncomfortable in any of my interactions with Stuart. I highly recommend him for any recruiting needs.” Mr. Fitzpatrick hired Stuart as a Recruiter more than once

“I had the pleasure to work with Stuart when I was looking out for better career opportunities. I found Stuart to be extremely professional and he always maintained a good balance between my interest and the interest of the company that he represented. He came across as a person that was really interested in listening to what it is that his clients want and helping them make the right decision rather then out to make a quick “sale”. I would recommend Stuart to anyone and I am sure that I will look him up again if the need may arise.” Mr. Ahmed (P.Eng) hired Stuart as a Recruiter

“Stuart is one of the best at what he does. He will first help you figure out what your needs are, then work hard at trying to ensure that they are met. He is trustworthy and your satisfaction is his number one priority.” Mr. Nahas hired Stuart as a Recruiter

“Stuart is highly professional and has a high degree of integrity. I have had excellent employment prospects working through Stuart in the past. I would not hesitate in recommending Stuart to any colleague or friend.” Mr. Radalgoda hired Stuart as a Recruiter more than once.

“Stuart provided excellent representation for me in the placements I worked in the recent past. I like Stuart's very personable and down-to-earth approach in discussing business opportunities. He is very well versed in his area of market coverage and well connected in the community. I have been very satisfied having Stuart as my agent, helping me land on great career placements with top tier companies in Ottawa. I would not waste a moment to recommend Stuart as your business partner or career agent.” Mr. Qin hired Stuart as a HR Consultant/Agent in 2002

“Making the right decision when presented with an offer of employment from a new organization can make or break a career. Stuart's coaching and expertise throughout the process helped me make the right decision. Stuart made me very comfortable with the process from start to finish.” Mr.Otell hired Stuart as a Recruiter in 2006

“Stuart is a dedicated human resources specialist who really appreciates the human side of the equation and definitely attracts the right individuals for the job, with people skills and an innate "nose" for talent.” Mr. Gonzalez hired Stuart as a Recruiter more than once.

“Stuart not only is excellent at what he does, he is terrific to work with. He is focused has great follow through, and is truly passionate about making a difference and helping others achieve their goals. He practices what he preaches!” Mr. Kearns hired Stuart as a Recruiter in 1997 and hired Stuart more than once.